Various Artists, Michael L. Abramson – Light: On the Southside


1. I’m A Streaker Baby (Arlean Brown)
2. Bowlegged Woman (Bobby Rush)
3. No Better Time Than Now (Ricky Allen)
4. The Same One (Little Mac Simmons)
5. This Is My Prayer (Lady Margo)
6. You Made Me Suffer (Andrew Brown)
7. Gimmie Some Of Yours (Artie White)
8. Women’s Lib (Lucille Span)
9. Bring It Down Front (Hugh Hawkins)
10. I Sayed That (Slim Willis Band)
11. It’s A Dream (Little Ed)
12. Is It Because I’m Black – Instrumental (Syl Johnson)
13. Baby Watcha’ Doing (Walter ‘Butterball’ Davis)
14. Detroit Blues (Willie Williams)
15. Goose Walk (Little Mack)
16. Young Blood (Detroit Jr.)
17. I Learned My Lesson (Willie Davis)
18. California Lady (James Kind)

Michael L. Abramson exhibition