The Rolling Stones – Beggars Banquet (Reissue)


“Sympathy for the Devil” – 6:18
“No Expectations” – 3:56
“Dear Doctor” – 3:28
“Parachute Woman” – 2:20
“Jigsaw Puzzle” – 6:06
“Street Fighting Man” – 3:16
“Prodigal Son” – 2:51
“Stray Cat Blues” – 4:38
“Factory Girl” – 2:09
“Salt of the Earth” – 4:48

Mick Jagger – lead and backing vocals; harmonica on “Parachute Woman” (outro)
Keith Richards – acoustic, electric and slide guitars; bass guitar on “Sympathy for the Devil” and “Street Fighting Man”; backing vocals, lead vocals on opening of “Salt of the Earth”
Brian Jones – slide guitar on “No Expectations”; harmonica on “Parachute Woman”, “Dear Doctor” and “Prodigal Son”; Mellotron on “Jigsaw Puzzle” and “Stray Cat Blues”; sitar and tamboura on “Street Fighting Man”; backing vocals on “Sympathy for the Devil”
Bill Wyman – bass guitar; backing vocals and maracas on “Sympathy for the Devil”
Charlie Watts – drums; backing vocals and cowbell on “Sympathy for the Devil”; clave on “No Expectations”; tabla on “Factory Girl”

Additional personnel
Nicky Hopkins – piano, tack piano, organ
Rocky Dijon – congas on “Sympathy for the Devil”, “Stray Cat Blues” and “Factory Girl”
Ric Grech – fiddle on “Factory Girl”
Dave Mason – shehnai on “Street Fighting Man”; Mellotron (mandolin setting) on “Factory Girl”
Jimmy Miller – backing vocals on “Sympathy for the Devil”
Watts Street Gospel Choir – backing vocals on “Salt of the Earth”

Songs: Ohia – Didn’t It Rain – Reissue


“Didn’t It Rain” — 7:49
“Steve Albini’s Blues” — 5:51
“Ring the Bell” — 6:11
“Cross the Road, Molina” — 6:00
“Blue Factory Flame” — 8:29
“Two Blue Lights” — 2:14
“Blue Chicago Moon” — 6:49
“Didn’t It Rain” — 6:57
“Ring the Bell”, Working Title: “Depression No. 42” — 6:48
“Cross the Road, Molina”, Working Title: “Chicago City Moon” — 5:03
“Blue Factory Flame” — 8:20
“Two Blue Lights” — 3:03
“Blue Chicago Moon” — 6:32
“The Gray Tour”, Working Title: “Waiting It’s Whole Life” (Later Re-Recorded for The Grey Tower 7″) — 4:28
“Spectral Alphabet” (Later Re-Recorded for Pyramid Electric Co.) — 5:05

Jason Molina
Jennie Benford
Mike Brenner
Jim Krewson
Recorded by Edan Cohen