Moby Grape – Moby Grape


“Hey Grandma” – Jerry Miller, Don Stevenson – 2:43
“Mr. Blues” – Bob Mosley – 1:58
“Fall on You” – Peter Lewis – 1:53
“8:05” – Miller, Stevenson – 2:17
“Come in the Morning” – Mosley – 2:20
“Omaha” – Skip Spence – 2:19
“Naked, If I Want To” – Miller – 0:55

“Someday” – Miller, Stevenson, Spence – 2:41
“Ain’t No Use” – Miller, Stevenson – 1:37
“Sitting by the Window” – Lewis – 2:44
“Changes” – Miller, Stevenson – 3:21
“Lazy Me” – Mosley – 1:45
“Indifference” – Spence – 4:14

Peter Lewis – rhythm guitar, vocals
Bob Mosley – bass, vocals
Jerry Miller – lead guitar, vocals
Skip Spence – rhythm guitar, vocals
Don Stevenson – drums, vocals

The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – Mono


Side one
“Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” – McCartney – 2:02
“With a Little Help from My Friends” – Starr – 2:44
“Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” – Lennon – 3:28
“Getting Better” – McCartney – 2:48
“Fixing a Hole” – McCartney – 2:36
“She’s Leaving Home” – McCartney with Lennon – 3:35
“Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!” – Lennon – 2:37

Side two
“Within You Without You” – Harrison – 5:04
“When I’m Sixty-Four” – McCartney – 2:37
“Lovely Rita” McCartney – 2:42
“Good Morning Good Morning” – Lennon – 2:41
“Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)” – Lennon, McCartney and Harrison – 1:19
“A Day in the Life” – Lennon and McCartney – 5:39

John Lennon – lead, harmony and background vocals; rhythm, acoustic and lead guitars; Hammond organ and final piano E chord; harmonica, tape loops, sound effects, and comb and tissue paper; handclaps, tambourine and maracas
Paul McCartney – lead, harmony and background vocals; bass and lead guitars; electric and acoustic pianos, Lowrey and Hammond organs; handclaps; vocalisations, tape loops, sound effects, and comb and tissue paper
George Harrison – harmony and background vocals; lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars; sitar; tamboura; harmonica and kazoo; handclaps and maracas; lead vocals on “Within You Without You”
Ringo Starr – drums, congas, tambourine, maracas, handclaps and tubular bells; lead vocals on “With a Little Help from My Friends”; harmonica; final piano E chord

Additional musicians and production
Sounds Incorporated – the saxophone sextet on “Good Morning, Good Morning”
Neil Aspinall – tamboura and harmonica
Geoff Emerick – audio engineering; tape loops and sound effects
Mal Evans – counting, harmonica, alarm clock and final piano E chord
George Martin – producer and mixer; tape loops and sound effects; harpsichord on “Fixing a Hole”, harmonium, Lowrey organ and glockenspiel on “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!”, Hammond organ on “With a Little Help from My Friends”, and piano on “Getting Better” and the piano solo in “Lovely Rita”; final harmonium chord.
Session musicians – four French horns on “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”: Neill Sanders, James W. Buck, John Burden, Tony Randall, arranged and conducted by Martin and McCartney; string section and harp on “She’s Leaving Home”, arranged by Mike Leander and conducted by Martin; tabla, dilrubas, tamboura and swarmandal on “Within You Without You”, played by members of the Asian Music Circle, with eight violins and four cellos arranged and conducted by Harrison and Martin; clarinet trio on “When I’m Sixty-Four”: Robert Burns, Henry MacKenzie, Frank Reidy, arranged and conducted by Martin and McCartney; saxophones on “Good Morning, Good Morning”, arranged and conducted by Martin and Lennon; and forty-piece orchestra, including strings, brass, woodwinds and percussion on “A Day in the Life”, arranged by Martin, Lennon and McCartney and conducted by Martin and McCartney.

Yusef Lateef – The Complete


“Rosalie” (Traditional) – 5:28
“In the Evening” (Leroy Carr, Don Raye) – 6:41
“Kongsberg” – 6:12
“Stay With Me” (Carolyn Leigh, Jerome Moross) – 5:21
“Sea Line Woman” (Traditional) – 6:24
“Brother” – 4:57
“You’re Somewhere Thinking of Me” – 3:23

Yusef Lateef – alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, flute, oboe, vocals
Hugh Lawson – piano
Cecil McBee – bass
Roy Brooks – drums
Sylvia Shemwell – tambourine (tracks 1 & 5)

Yusef Lateef website

Jimi Hendrix – Electric Ladyland


“…And the Gods Made Love” – 1:21
“Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)” – 2:11
“Crosstown Traffic” – 2:25
“Voodoo Chile” – 15:00

“Little Miss Strange” (Noel Redding) – 2:52
“Long Hot Summer Night” – 3:27
“Come On (Let the Good Times Roll)” (Earl King) – 4:09
“Gypsy Eyes” – 3:43
“Burning of the Midnight Lamp” – 3:39

“Rainy Day, Dream Away” – 3:42
“1983… (A Merman I Should Turn to Be)” – 13:39
“Moon, Turn the Tides… Gently Gently Away” – 1:02

“Still Raining, Still Dreaming” – 4:25
“House Burning Down” – 4:33
“All Along the Watchtower” (Bob Dylan) – 4:01
“Voodoo Child (Slight Return)” – 5:12

Jimi Hendrix – lead vocals, guitar, piano, percussion, comb and tissue paper kazoo, electric harpsichord, bass on “Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)”, “Long Hot Summer Night”, “Gypsy Eyes”, “1983”, “House Burning Down”, and “All Along the Watchtower”
Noel Redding – backing vocals, bass on “Crosstown Traffic”, “Little Miss Strange”, “Come On (Let the Good Times Roll)”, “Burning of the Midnight Lamp”, and “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)”, acoustic guitar and lead vocals on “Little Miss Strange”
Mitch Mitchell – backing vocals, drums (except on “Rainy Day Dream Away” and “Still Raining, Still Dreaming”), percussion, lead vocals on “Little Miss Strange”

Additional personnel
Jack Casady – bass on “Voodoo Chile”
Brian Jones – percussion on “All Along the Watchtower”
Al Kooper – piano on “Long Hot Summer Night”
Dave Mason – twelve string guitar on “All Along the Watchtower”, backing vocals on “Crosstown Traffic”
The Sweet Inspirations – backing vocals on “Burning of the Midnight Lamp”
Steve Winwood – organ on “Voodoo Chile”
Chris Wood – flute on “1983… (A Merman I Should Turn to Be)”
On “Rainy Day, Dream Away” and “Still Raining, Still Dreaming”:

Larry Faucette – congas
Mike Finnigan – organ
Buddy Miles – drums
Freddie Smith – tenor saxophone